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Service Professional

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Job Summary: Performs pest inspections and treatments in residential and commercial environments to safeguard the health and property of homeowners and businesses.
Reports To: Service Manager
Compensation: Hourly pay commensurate with experience and licensing. Vehicle, gas card and cell phone are provided by the company.

Braman offers health insurance, uniforms, paid vacation and partial matching of 401k deposits.                                                  

Minimum Education: High School diploma or GED
Minimum Experience/Requirements: No experience is required.

Applicants must however meet the following requirements for employment consideration:
- At least 18 years of age
- U.S. citizen or alien authorized to work in U.S
- Can work before 8 AM, after 5 PM, and some weekends
- Read, speak, and comprehend English
- Valid driver’s license 
- Two or less moving violation convictions in past 3 years
- No driving while intoxicated convictions in past 5 years

Physical Abilities Required:
Service Technicians must be able to:
- Enter/exit structures and crawl spaces
- Climb over and on top of structures, including attics
- Use required personal protective equipment
- Visually inspect for pests, pest harborage, pest entries
- Lift and carry up to 50 pounds

Knowledge and Skills Required:
Service Technicians are expected to demonstrate knowledge of the following during the first year of employment:
- Pest services, procedures, materials and equipment
- Pest management regulations and safety procedures.
- State Pesticide License 

Service Technicians are expected to demonstrate skill in the following areas during the first year of employment:
- Pest inspections and pest control services. 
- Written and verbal communication. 
- Prioritizing work, and making adjustments on short notice. 
- Promoting cooperation and teamwork.

Measures of Performance:
Service technicians are measured monthly on the following:
- Route completion
- Production per hour
- Customer retention
- Quality of work
- Safety compliance
- Vehicle care
- Sales and marketing

Duties and Responsibilities:
Rules and Safety:
- Puts safety ahead of all other concerns when utilizing company vehicle and providing company services.
- Maintains company vehicle according to company guidelines, and applicable state and federal laws.
- Follows manufacturer instructions, customer guidelines and governmental regulations when using pesticides.
- Maintains and secures required inventory of tools, equipment, manuals and materials on company vehicle.
- Obtains and maintains state certification as required.
- Wears required safety gear when appropriate.
- Uses company vehicle only for company business or as otherwise allowed.

Service Delivery
- Inspects, identifies and determines causes for pest problems.
- Uses pest control materials and equipment appropriately and effectively.
- Prescribes corrective actions for pest problems and delivers solutions using approved products and practices.
- Considers non-chemical as well as chemical solutions with focus on maximizing safety and minimizing harmful health and environmental impact.
- Makes recommendations when appropriate to eliminate sanitation and structural conditions, which support or attract pest activity inside and outside structures.  Whenever possible, explains actual or potential problems to customers face-to-face.

Sales and Marketing
- Follows up promptly when notified of prospective customers.
- Suggests additional company products and services to customers when appropriate.
- Sells company services when possible (e.g., home service contracts), and refers bigger opportunities to sales department.

- Wears clean company uniform and appropriate footwear.
- Keeps company vehicle and equipment clean and orderly.
- Ensures accurate and complete record keeping of service reports, log books, invoices, etc.
- Maintains personal hygiene.

- Responds cooperatively with requests for help from fellow employees.
- Works whatever days and times are required to meet customer expectations.
- Finds ways to include unscheduled events into daily route.
- Responds to customer complaints and concerns as quickly as possible after receiving notification.

- Maintains regular and effective communication with office.
- Communicates effectively and appropriately with management.
- Relays information and messages to others; maintains confidential information.
- Shows appreciation for the needs, concerns, and priorities of others.

Customer Service
- Interacts with customers in a friendly and professional manner.
- Takes advantage of opportunities to exceed customer expectations.
- Takes responsibility for resolving customer concerns.
- Balances customer requests with business needs.

- Avoids gossip and conversations disparaging others.
- Builds productive working relationships.
- Involves others in solving customer pest problems when solutions are unclear.

Professional Development
- Attends all training and actively and positively participates.
- Is receptive to suggestions from others on improving own performance.

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